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Compilation of some (actually) useful new MacBook keyboard shortcuts

14 new MacBook keyboard shortcuts you probably didn't know about

1 Shortcut for finding the Emoji keyboard

Finally, you can easily let people know exactly what emotional sarcasm you’re trying to convey through the built-in MacBook emojis keyboard!

Emoji keyboard shortcut
2 Use the MacBook Safari Twitter reader

If you’re not already using Safari, instead of Chrome or Firefox, you’re missing out big time! Not only is it more energy efficient, but it also has some pretty useful performance perks as well. Such as the Twitter sidebar, which allows you to view your Twitter feed in the sidebar, and easily open and share any links that the people you follow share. For this to work, you’ll want to make sure your Twitter account has been added into your internet accounts (System preferences > Internet Accounts).

MacBook Safari Twitter reader
3 Quickly See your Desktop

The fastest and easiest way to scan across all of your open applications is by using the Apple Mission Control feature. By either swiping up with 4 fingers on the trackpad or pressing the control + up arrow you’ll be able to quickly jump between windows, and optimize your multi-tasking!

Quickly see your desktop
4 Delete text from left to right

For those of you who may have converted from a Windows to a MacBook computer, you may have had some confusion as to which way the delete button erases letters. Well, by holding fn + delete you’ll be able to get the same left to right delete that the Windows computers have.

Keyboard shortcut for deleting text
5 Stop interruptions (notifications, do not disturb)

Whether you’re in the middle of studying, working on getting an important assignment done, or just playing a game, and you want to make sure you have no disruptions, you’ll want to make sure you turn those pesky notifications off.

Turning on do not disturb
6 Change volume silently (or with noise depending on your Mac OS)

For those of you who’d like to change the volume during a movie, song, or even Skype call, without letting others know that you’re a loud fan of the annoying beeping sound, you can now do so by holding shift + volume buttons. The opposite is true if your volume button is already set to make no noise when pressed.

Silent or loud volume changing
7 MacBook dictionary

A definition consists of only one component, to define the word you’re looking for. But most of these definitions contain explanations! Almost all of the definitions on here have other information provided in them.

MacBook dictionary
8 MacBook Calculator (and other uses for Spotlight!)

Spotlight is a magical tool that allows you to search anything within your computer and across the internet, and even allows you to perform simple math equations on it in a flash.

New MacBook keyboard shortcut for spotlight
9 Paste without formatting

The MacBook format of copying and pasting is a little unique as the formatting of the text changes over the different mediums. To keep the format consistent, simply hold command + shift + V to disregard the formatting from the previous application.

Paste without formatting
10 Invert screen colors

A truly useful tool to have if you’re often staring at your screen in dark or poor lighting is the color inverter shortcut! To enable this feature you’ll first have to go to Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Accessibility and check the Invert colors box. Once you’ve done so, pressing the MacBook keys in the combination below will allow you to invert your colors on the fly.

Invert Screen colors
11 Add signatures to emails

By opening Preview and following the directory as shown in the below GIF, you’ll be able to add your own real MacBook signature to the end of it. You can do so by either signing with your finger or stylus, or scanning your signature from a white piece of paper directly through your MacBooks webcam. A simple and effective way of customizing emails.

Add signatures to emails
12 Screen recording in QuickTime

If you’ve ever tried helping somebody fix or do something on their computer without actually being there, you’d know how daunting trying to explain all the processes could be. With built-in screen capture through QuickTime, you don’t have to download any webcam capture software. Record your own screen and send the video file to anybody who may need to view it.

Screen recording in QuickTime
13 Hold characters to add accents

Whether you’re trying to perfect your Spanish, or just want to have a more sophisticated MSN name, the addition of accents onto your letters have never been easier. Simply press and hold any key on the MacBook keyboard that you want to have the accent on, and you’re displayed options of what accent you’d like to choose.

Hold characters to add accents
14 Send files to trash

Normally, if you’d like to remove files from your computer you would have to right click the item and select move to the MacBook trash. However with this shortcut you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently mass delete any folders, files, or images you’d never want to see the light of day.

Send files to trash