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5 best tips to Provide Your Own MacBook Battery Service

MacBook battery service

With the newest MacBooks boasting a 9-12 hour battery life, it can be hard not to think that your 2-3 year old MacBook is already obsolete. But have no fear, with these 5 simple self-service tips you’ll be able to get your battery competing with the new MacBooks in no time!

1 Check battery health

Firstly you’ll want to check if your battery is even healthy enough to maintain.

You can check the status of your MacBook battery by holding the option key and clicking on the battery icon in your top toolbar.

Checking battery condition

If the status shows normal, you’re in the clear! Otherwise you may want to have your battery replaced or serviced depending on the result.

2 Check cycle count

It's important to check the cycle count of your battery. If you’re unaware of how to do so, you can read our quick post here on MacBook cycle count, and how you can find yours.

macbook battery cycle count

If you find your MacBook is not charging, the battery may have deteriorated to the point where it will need to get it replaced.


3 Extreme temperatures

Don’t leave your battery in extreme temperatures. Apple recommends that when using your computer, you keep your MacBook between 50º f to 95º f (or 10º C to 35 C). And if you’re going to be storing it, to keep it within the temperatures of -4º f to 113º f (-20º C to - 45º C).

MacBook overheating

Keeping your MacBook in excess of these temperatures can permanently damage your battery capacity. Essentially, if it’s too hot to melt your chocolate bar or too cold to wear a t-shirt and shorts, don’t use your MacBook!

4 Detach accessories

Detaching all unnecessary accessories can improve stress put onto your battery. Leaving your accessories such as SD cards, the Magic Mouse, or anything connected through your computer’s USB ports will be a strain on the internal battery.

MacBook accessories

Having other devices constantly using the MacBook’s internal battery will increase the amount of cycles you’ll be putting it through, and decreasing the life expectancy of your computer.

The only accessory that would benefit your Mac is headphones, as they’ll help lighten the load of power consumption being used by the internal speakers when playing music.

5 MacBook battery calibration

Calibrating your MacBook battery will allow you to get the most out of your fully charged battery.

To do this simply put your computer through one full cycle, fully charge the computer then fully discharge it, and finally give it one last full charge. Like stretching your muscles before you exercise, calibrating your battery gets it ready and keeps it working at its best. Apple suggests that you do this once a month to keep your battery meter working like new.