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Frequently Asked Questions

General (13)
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    What's BatteryBox Slim?

    BatteryBox Slim is a sleek, external battery that can power any laptop, or any USB device.

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    Anything cool about it?

    Tons of stuff.
    A few cool features we're excited about:

    • Battery Helper - BatteryBox Slim includes unique technology that prolongs your laptops life by minimizing the number of cycles, and stress, on the connected laptops’ internal battery.
    • High Capacity - BatteryBox Slim has 89Wh of capacity. That's enough for 1.5x typical laptop charger, 2.5x tablet, or 11.5x phone.
    • Super Thin - We didn't call it the Slim for nothing. BatteryBox Slim is even thinner than the MacBook Air.
    • Future Proof - BatteryBox Slim is the first fully-functional USB-C laptop battery. This means that any future product to come out that has USB-C (like the new MacBook) can be charged by your BatteryBox.

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    Does the price include VAT or other duties?

    No. You are responsible for all other taxes or duties.

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    What kind of warranty do you provide?

    We provide a 1 year limited warranty. If the device is defective we will replace it or repair it, however we do not cover shipping costs back to us. If you purposefully damage it after we’ve shipped it to you, we will not be able to replace the device.

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    When are you going to be shipping?

    We'll be shipping BatteryBox Slim units in Early Winter 2016 (End of November, beginning December).

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    Are you going to ship late?

    But alas, a disclaimer =)

    This is our third product - we've spent the last 2 years developing a strong team, and working closely with our suppliers. This isn't our first pre-order campaign, so we're confident with our timeline.

    We’ve done our very best to forecast demand and create a solid production plan. We’ve learned a lot from making the previous BatteryBox, but sometimes forecasts don’t always hit the mark. Should anything happen to delay the product, we’ll let you know why and make it right as quickly as possible.

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    Can I get a refund?

    Anytime before we ship, you can ask for a 100% refund.

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    Why are you charging me immediately for my pre-order?

    Creating and manufacturing new devices is expensive. As a young company, being able to use the revenue from your pre-order to pay for things as we build them helps us reduce risk and helps ensure that we deliver the best possible product and customer service to you.

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    Why aren't you collecting my shipping information when I order?

    There's a lot that can happen between now and Early Winter 2016 - for example, you can move. A few weeks before your pre-order is ready to ship, we'll contact you to verify your address, and ensure that your BatteryBox isn't sent to the wrong address.

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    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes! Please keep in mind that you are responsible for all taxes or duties.

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    Where should I direct press inquiries?

    Please email with "Press Inquiry" in the subject line.

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    I'm interested in being a reseller/distributor

    Please submit your request here.

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    Your question not in here?

    We're happy to answer any other questions you may have - just send us a message at

Form and Function (10)
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    What laptops are supported by BatteryBox Slim?

    Pretty much everything.

    • MacBooks (with Magsafe 2)
    • Windows laptops
    • ChromeBooks
    • USB-C laptops
    And of course, any USB powered device.

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    Is my Macbook compatible? What is the difference between a Magsafe2 and Magsafe connector?

    Magsafe2 is a slimmer connector, and is in place on all Macbooks made after mid-2012. All MacBooks made before then have the original Magsafe connector, and are not compatible. See the difference here.

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    Does BatteryBox Slim have USB-C??

    Yes! It's fully functional, 5-20v, up to 3A, with full data hub capability.

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    How long does BatteryBox Slim take to charge? How do I charge it?

    Typical charging time - approximately 7 hours for 80% charge, and a total of 11 hours for 100% charge. BatteryBox charges via any USB-C to USB/USB-C cable on at least a 2A power supply. Charges longer when connector to a less powerful power supply.

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    How many amps(A) are the USB 3.0 outputs?

    The USB output is 2.4A

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    How do the laptop cables work?

    Just like any other normal cable would - all you need to do is pick the cable compatible with you device, and plug it in.

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    What colors does BatteryBox Slim come in?

    BatteryBox Slim comes in four colors: night black, space grey, silver, and gold.

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    What's the BatteryBox Slim made of?

    Premium, CNC-machined aluminum. It's hard anodized, so it has a scratch resistance surface.

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    What are the dimensions of BatteryBox Slim?

    15mm (0.59") Height x 233mm (9.17”) Length x 117mm (4.60”) Width

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    Can I power my laptop and charge something through the USB(s) at the same time?


Referral Program (4)
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    How do referrals work?

    When you order your BatteryBox Slim, you get your very own unique referral code link. Every time someone clicks the referral code link and pre-orders a BatteryBox Slim, you get a credit. 3 credits, you get a free BatteryBox Mini, 10 and you get your BatteryBox Slim for free. Boom!

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    How will I know when I’ve earned referral credits?

    Each time you earn a referral credit, we will send you an email notifying you. We'll also let you know when you get to each reward tier (3, and 10). Please note, It may take up to a day after the referral purchase is made for the referral to be detected.

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    How will I receive my referral reward?

    We'll send you an email to arrange shipping you your reward.

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    When will I get it?

    For US & Canada: Free BatteryBox Mini shipping in July.

    For international: Free BatteryBox Mini shipping with your pre-order in Early Winter 2016, or a $35 fee for shipping it in July to most locations (sorry, but international shipping is expensive!).

    Your BatteryBox Slim will arrive when we ship them out in Early Winter 2016.