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Technical Specifications


  • MacBooks (with MagSafe2)
  • Windows Laptops
  • Chromebook Laptops
  • USB devices, such as phones, tablets, cameras, wearables

Pre-order Price


Dimensions and weight1

15mm (0.59") Height x 233mm (9.17”) Length x 117mm (4.60”) Width
(shorter than half a piece of paper)

601g (1.32lb) Weight

Battery and power information

Charges via USB-C port.

Built-in 89Wh (24,000 mAh) battery pack composed of rechargeable lithium-polymer battery cells

Nominal voltage of 3.7V
Dry solid polymer electrolyte
Standard operating temperature
1C load rating
Controlled by double layer protection circuit

Charging connector

BatteryBox Slim charges via any USB-C to USB or USB-C to USB-C cable.

USB-C port

5-20V, up to 3A
Data transfer hub functionality

USB ports

Two ports, each 2.4 Amps, 5V output
Standard USB 3.0

Intelligent Output

Power for both USB and laptop outputs is always off
Turns on only when and if a device is connected
Designed to protect against shorting

In the box

BatteryBox Slim
USB-C to USB charging cable
2A USB power supply
Quickstart guide
Additional documentation

1. Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.

All battery claims depend on many factors; actual results will vary. Battery has limited recharge cycles and battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings.