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A battery on the cutting edge

Technology has been improving at
a faster rate than batteries. Until now.

Learn what makes a better battery

A battery made for the 21st century

We all know battery life gets worse with time - but not anymore. We’ve integrated BatteryBox with the worlds first artificial intelligence for batteries: BatteryOS. It provides superior safety and performance without battery-life degradation.
So, have your cake, and eat it too.

BatteryBox keeps working like new for years...


After testing over 700 battery samples, we learned that your typical battery has a significant decrease in performance after just 6 months. Our battery doesn’t. What’s the difference? Even if you used BatteryBox everyday of the year, you wouldn’t notice a change until after 8 years.

...and always giving out more energy.

The way batteries are controlled has barely changed since the 19th century. Other batteries today lose 30% of the energy it gives out – it's like ordering a large coffee and receiving a small. When giving power to MacBooks, BatteryBox loses 0%. You get exactly the amount of battery you’ve paid for.

Preserves MacBook battery longevity...

BatteryBox powers your laptop rather than charging it, keeping the battery at the same charge percentage.

By bypassing the MacBooks built-in battery, BatteryBox minimizes the number of cycles (and stress) on the internal battery, prolonging it's life.

...and smartly charges USB devices.

BatteryBox multi-tasks so you don’t have to. Power your MacBook as well as charge any USB device you take with you, from your phone to your tablet. Focus on using your devices, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Safety built into every inch.

Every micron of the BatteryBox was developed with safety in mind. From our high current protection switches built into our main board, to the anti flammable lithium battery wrapping.

A battery that works for you

The BatteryBox experience was designed with you in mind. One battery - optimized for maximum power and backed by a 30-day, no-hassle return policy and our 12-month warranty.

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